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Eliminate the most dangerous birth control options

Doctors, pharmacists, or nurse practitioners who can prescribe birth control rely on the CDC’s guidelines on how to avoid giving someone a birth control that is dangerous in the context of their medical history. These guidelines, known as the “US Medical Eligibility Criteria (US MEC) for Contraceptive Use”, include rules like if a woman ≥35 years old smokes ≥15 cigarettes a day—the combined pill is to be avoided because of high risk of myocardial infarction and stroke. 

Your physician relies on the US MEC but often they don’t share their full logic with you. Not only does adyn follow the US MEC guidelines, but we provide customized information about how we determine the pool of safe and effective contraceptive options available to you. 

Detect your baseline hormone levels

We measure your current hormone “baseline” levels (on or off of birth control). Going forward we can then retest these hormone levels to see how they have changed over time (or with a new birth control).

Assess your genetic predisposition to specific side effects

We’ll start with your genetic risk for two of the most serious side effects: blood clots and depression. If you want to keep learning, we will periodically reanalyze your individual data based on the most up-to-date science to keep you informed and in control.

Create your personalized birth control recommendations

We synthesize your medical biography with the side effect profiles of the 4 synthetic estrogens and 12 synthetic progestins (a sneak peak in the animated gif!) used in hormonal contraception. We provide recommendations for birth control proven for the treatment of acne (as needed). We also provide additional recommendations based on curated peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Support your decision making

During a doctor’s appointment, the average time spent on contraceptive counseling is 12.9 min (range 4 to 32 min)1. We know that important decisions can take longer than 13 mins. More importantly, we take the burden off of you—we bring the science and you bring the questions.

adyn’s Birth Control Specialists are trained medical professionals (nurse practitioners and obstetrician-gynecologists) who will have already reviewed your medical biography and your birth control recommendations from your Birth Control Optimization Test. You ask whatever questions will help you determine what makes the most sense for you—we’ll have answers. We will also circle back after our first conversation to see whether any new questions came up for you and to make sure you are happy with your new birth control.

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