Everything you need to know to collect your samples confidently.

🍋 Your saliva (DNA) sample can be collected whenever you want (make sure you don’t eat anything 30 minutes before!)

🩸 Your blood (hormone) sample should be collected on the 3rd day of your cycle (3rd day of bleeding).

You will send each sample back in the individual pre-addressed USPS envelopes inside the kit (🩸 for blood, 🍋 for saliva).

You are invited to a Prick Party!

What is a prick party?

A Prick Party is a virtual celebration of this next step on your Birth Control Odyssey and a chance to collect your samples with our support.

Whether you have questions about the process, hate the idea of pricking yourself, are squeamish at the sight of blood, or just want to make sure you collect your samples correctly we can’t wait to see you! ! Bring your Birth Control Test. Bring a friend. Join the party!

In order to collect 🩸 your blood sample, please schedule your Prick Party for the 3rd day of your cycle.

Tips and Tricks: DNA

  • 🍋

    Having trouble? Think of something sour!

  • Avoid eating at least 30 minutes before collecting your sample.

  • Lots of bubbles? That's normal! Just keep spitting until you have filled up to the line with actual liquid saliva.


Tips and Tricks: Hormones

  • Track your period so you are ready to collect your sample of the 3rd day of your cycle.

  • Try pricking the side of your finger instead of the pad (center) of your finger.

  • If blood doesn't flow, apply slow, gentle pressure around your finger, or try warming your hands under water or doing some jumping jacks to increase blood flow.


There's no such thing as a stupid question...

All of your frequently asked questions, answered.

How do I figure out when the third day of my cycle is?

When you first start bleeding for your period, mark that as Day 1. (Note: spotting does not count as the first day. The first day of your period is the first day that you experience your full flow). Take your blood sample on the 3rd day of your period. If you don’t get a period, you can take the test at any time.

What do I do if I don’t get a period?

If you experience amenorrhea (no periods for at least 3 months), then you can collect your hormone sample at any time

Does it matter when I take my DNA sample?

You can collect your DNA sample whenever you want as long as you have not eaten for 30 minutes beforehand. DNA doesn’t change with your cycle.

Do I need to stop my birth control before taking a hormone sample?

No, you do not! As long as you’ve told us the birth control you are on, we can get the readings we need from your sample. You can always retest your hormones throughout your life both on and off birth control.

How quickly do I need to send my sample back?

We need your blood sample back to our labs within 1-2 days after you have collected it. Your prepaid USPS envelope will get it there in time as long as you drop it in the mail the same day as you sample. Just make sure that you let your blood sample dry for at least 60 minutes!

How long does my blood sample need to dry?

60 minutes. Drying is important because it allows the platelets to separate from the serum on the card, and for the sample to return to the lab cleanly. Contaminants like hair or dust can corrupt a sample. Tip: We recommend a place away from pets and where you’ll see it again later!

How much saliva do I need?

Usually about 4-6 good spit takes. Bubbles are normal, but you’ll want to make sure you reach the fill line with actual liquid saliva without the bubbles.

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Prick Party Playlists

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