We are inspired by the strength of women and endlessly curious about how everyone's unique experiences (and biology) shape who they are. adyn was derived from the greek monadiki dynami which translates to "unique strength".

adyn is on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive so everyone can live their healthiest life

Our vision is to be earth's most inclusive and patient-centric personalized medicine company. We are living in the age of the “medical research gender gap”—a disparity that exists because the vast majority of biological literature is based on single sex studies of males1. Research shows that achieving gender equality in science and medicine will improve our standard of care and long-term health outcomes, not just for women, but for everyone2.

adyn will transform healthcare by focusing on individuals who are traditionally underserved by our healthcare systems. We do this by integrating two biological readouts: genetics (read one time) and hormone levels (read multiple times throughout your life). By partnering with individuals, adyn provides medically actionable scientific insights and empowers them to proactively optimize their health—from birth control, to fertility, and beyond.

Creating a new standard of healthcare

"My research experiences combined with my personal odyssey with birth control inspired adyn. People on hormonal birth control suffer simply because the science is imprecise. At adyn we use big inclusive data sets to develop personalized medical treatment based on your unique hormonal and genetic profile. Adverse side effects should not interfere with my ability to conduct science or your ability to live your best life."


Meet our founder

Our founder, Elizabeth, has been preoccupied with understanding the genetic cause of human disease ever since she learned about DNA (shout-out to one of our favorites Rosalind Franklin). Elizabeth received her PhD from Duke University in human genetics and genomics where she learned how to analyze big data with an emerging technology known as next-generation sequencing. She has discovered linkages (or connections) between over 36 genes and specific human diseases. During her Postdoctoral Fellowship at UCLA she used machine learning to uncover 16 new autism genes, showing clear evidence of inherited risk for autism. She is personally driven to close the medical research gender gap. 

Awards include: Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awardee for Excellence in Human Genetics Research, Jo Rae Wright Fellowship for Outstanding Women in Science, Neurobehavioral Genetics Fellow, and Ray J. Tysor Graduate Fellowship awardee

20+ peer-reviewed publications can be found in journals such as: AJHG, Cell, Neuron, and Nature.
Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD
Founder, CEO

Our values

Powered by data
We make informed decisions based on rigorous science that leads to medically actionable results. Our endless curiosity is only satiated by lots and lots of unbiased high quality data.
Knowledge is power; and we believe in radical self-knowledge. Everyone should have access to their own biological data so that they can take control of their health. 
We don’t rush what matters. We make decisions grounded by what supports and benefits you the most. We’re motivated by you and your experiences which is why we are always ready to listen.
We don’t assume your trust, we earn it. When you share your personal data with us, its security and integrity becomes our responsibility. We believe your data is yours. We believe in transparent data sharing—where the only legitimate reason to share data is if (1) you opt-in and (2) sharing it improves your experience or advances healthcare in a tangible way (e.g., diagnostics, medical devices, treatments).
Uniqueness is a strength
In all the world, there is no one else exactly like you. Humans are 99.9% identical to every other human – but actually, you have over 3 million genetic differences when compared to another human. These genetic differences, together with our life experiences and environment, make us who we are. Don’t you feel powerful when you use your unique qualities to live not only your best life - but your healthiest life? Us too.
Equally scientific and rebellious
We prioritize generating data that closes the research gaps that exist because of decades of unequal access to medical research and healthcare due to gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, LGBTQ+ identity, and/or geographic location. We are as demanding in our quest to serve the underserved as we are exact in our science. We challenge the status quo that available solutions are good enough—and instead, we conduct inclusive research to make discoveries beneficial to all.
1Beery, A. K., & Zucker, I. (2011). Sex bias in neuroscience and biomedical research. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 35(3), 565–572.

2Shannon, G., Jansen, M., Williams, K., Cáceres, C., Motta, A., Odhiambo, A., et al. (2019). Gender equality in science, medicine, and global health: where are we at and why does it matter? The Lancet, 393(10171), 560–569.

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