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“I have always felt in the dark about my choices. I started with the implant about six years ago and had the most unpredictable periods. I was bleeding for more weeks than I wasn't.”
- Gabby (24)
“The first time I was put on birth control I was 17 years old. I was getting a depo shot every three months. Being on depo caused me severe mood swings, depression, anxiety and I lost about 15 pounds.”
-Maggie (21)
“I've tried multiple different birth controls with all of them giving me bad side effects. Most birth controls I have tried cause my mood to change drastically. A couple that I have tried also made me gain weight.”
-Renee (28)
How it works

Birth Control Optimization

The test we've been waiting for.
Purchase your Birth Control Optimization Test.

One of our physicians will review your information and order your test. If any questions arise, the physician will contact you.

Collect your samples.

Both collection kits (DNA sample and hormone sample) are shipped to your home. You follow the collection instructions and pop each sample in the mail. We are here to lend a hand throughout the process.

Complete your online bio.

Your past experiences with birth control (if any), known medical conditions, and your reproductive and contraceptive goals are all critical to your personalized recommendations. We provide a secure set of questions to guide you.

Receive your recommendations.

Your unique hormonal and genetic profile is analyzed to generate customized birth control recommendations which are reviewed by a physician and delivered to you via our secure data servers. adyn's Birth Control Optimization Report will give you knowledge and actionable insights to make the best birth control choice for your body.

Converse with your Birth Control Specialist.

You can talk to one of adyn’s Birth Control Specialists and/or share our report with your own physician. Our birth control experts are trained medical professionals (nurse practitioners and obstetrician-gynecologists) who provide guidance and science to help you achieve your optimal health. You will be able to discuss your Birth Control Optimization Report and medically actionable next steps to obtain birth control without side effects. This is the new standard of care.


Time to do birth control better

adyn has created a smart approach to choosing contraception.

The average user spends 30 years on contraceptives. Your relationship with birth control is long-term, so let's make it a healthy one.

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